Fees in The Quidenham Group



Table of Parocial Fees 2019

Table of Fees 2019 summarised

Other fees

For Bell Ringers - £15 per rope for one ring (before or after a service), £20 for before and after 

                         - Old Buckenham Bells £22 total

Vergers              - £40

Organists           - Fees £75 for the service itself (plus travel (45ppmile) depending on the organist).

          (The family can expect playing for at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the service and for hymns and other music during the 45 minutes from the scheduled start. In the event of the service finishing significantly later, an additional £75 may be charged)

                         - Rehearsals £25 per hour (plus travelling expenses where relevant 45ppmile).

                         - Additional music purchased specifically for the event, charged at cost.


All fees payable on or before the day.


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