Funerals in the Quidenham Group


'May they rest in peace and rise in glory and may light perpetual shine upon them '

When someone dies there is so much to think about and so much to organise. We will do our best to help you through all that needs to be done.

Please contact the Priest in Charge or on of the other clergy below for help.




 Priest in Charge Canon Stephen Wright
01953 887183
Old Buckenham    Revd Alistair Monkhouse  01953 860845
 New Buckenham  Revd Alan Smith  01953 860 500
            Banham  Canon Stephen Wright 01953 887183
New Buckenham Reader  Mrs Helen Pearson 01953 860 251


A useful site for funerals in general is here

 For a current table of Fees please see here 

If the clergy are not able to answer the phone, please try our administrator, Jill Moses

  01953 887413. 




A Reminder about Churchyard Regulations.
I hope and pray that all who visit the graves of their loved ones in this Benefice will find peace.
I know that different people express their grief and their love in different ways. 
However, there are some regulations about what can or cannot be done in churchyards. 
The local church has no say in these regulations and they have the force of law.
All monuments need the permission of the relevant authorities to be placed, as does anything by means of decoration with the exception of cut fresh flowers.
If you have any questions or are in any doubt at all as to the legality of your use of churchyards please do contact the Priest in Charge, 
Revd. Canon Stephen M Wright.




In the difficult period following bereavement, the Church seeks to offer assistance to those who have lost a loved family member or friend. This note is intended to offer helpful advice about the types of memorial which may be appropriate in Churchyards.

As in other Dioceses, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Norwich has made some Churchyard Regulations, which give guidance about churchyard memorials. Under the Regulations, the Vicar has delegated authority from the Chancellor to approve memorials which fall within the Regulations. The Regulations are designed to ensure that churchyards remain quiet places of reflection, which reflect the Christian doctrine of the resurrection. This is different to a municipal cemetery or a private place of burial, where different rules may apply. Some parishes also adopt their own local rules, to maintain the use of traditional materials in their local setting.

The Norwich Regulations indicate which types of stone will be acceptable, and provide clear guidance on the size and design of memorials, and on what types of inscriptions and carvings are likely to be acceptable. A copy of the Regulations can be obtained from the Vicar or from the Diocesan Registrar (telephone 01603 232 300). If applicants wish to explore the possibility of a memorial which does not fall within the Regulations, an application for approval can be made to the Chancellor via the office of the Diocesan Registrar. However, unless there are good reasons, approval is not normally granted for memorials which fall outside the Regulations, to maintain a consistency of approach across the Diocese.

Applicants are therefore recommended to discuss their proposals for a memorial with the Vicar first, before placing an order for a new memorial with a stonemason. In this way, any disappointment or confusion about the type of memorial which may be permitted can be avoided.

Paul Downes

Chancellor, March 2010

Churchyard Regulations

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